Treadway Theming

If you’ve called Planet Earth your home at any point over the past 30 years, chances are you’ve encountered some of Treadway’s theming work. We continue to be the Theming Industry’s preferred Custom Fabricator, working with some of the World’s Most Famous theme parks, movie and TV productions. As well as hotels, resorts and casinos.

Treadway has created a multitude of theming elements for the entertainment industry, focusing on sets and props for movies, television, the theatre and musical productions. If you’re currently involved in a production of any kind, be it Hollywood or Broadway, movie sets or stage props, call us today to see…

Themed Facades

Working with theme parks, attractions, commercial and residential buildings alike, Treadway transforms the bland into the bold and the beautiful! We were the first to use EPS foam for themed facades and we continue to invest in innovative composite materials and new ways to…


An effective themed environment is one that envelopes you entirely, exciting your imagination by transforming your surroundings. We’ve worked with theme parks, attractions, museums and more! At Treadway, we aim to create immersive environments that build…

Themed Environments
Visual Merchandising

We make a wide range of exhibition products for trade shows and museums, as well as creating visual merchandising for product releases. Competition is tough, and we have the solution to make your business and products…


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