Architectural Elements

Over the years we have tackled domestic and international projects including residential and commercial developments, resorts and Las Vegas hotels. We specialize in the custom fabrication of exact replicas and over-sized elements. Using fiber-reinforced composites, synthetic materials and plastics, we create decorative architectural elements for interior and exterior applications. By combining CNC machines, 5-axis routers, and our experienced sculptors we find creative solutions to increase your options. Contact Us Today!


Molds | Mold Making

Our engineers and fabricators are leaders in the field of mold making. Any shape, any size, Treadway Industries has the capabilities and the knowledge to bring your creations to life. Whether it’s for a themed installation or your own residence, we can get it done right!


Shapes | Elements

Over the years we have tackled jobs scaling in size from private residences to Las Vegas hotels. We offer a range of standard shapes and trims, but are equally capable and eager to create custom details to meet your needs. If you can dream it, we can make it a reality.


Architectural Portfolio

Take a look at our portfolio page and see some of the amazing work we have done with Architectural Elements. Treadway makes everything from large scale columns and porticos to balustrade systems and ornate decorative moldings. For any installation, remodel or theming project, we fabricate it all.


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