By: Coral Nolan On: February 4, 2015 In: Theme Parks

Avatar Land: The Pandora Experience


When I first read that construction had begun in Walt Disney’s Animal Kingdom, with rumors pointing to an Avatar-themed attraction, I was stoked! Now that the rumors have been confirmed, with the grand opening scheduled for 2017, opinions are flying. Avatar Land is the result of Disney Imagineering working with director James Cameron to create an attraction that spans water, land and sky. According to Ashley of reserveorlando.com, guests will experience a boat ride to Pandora, a stroll through the bioluminescent rainforest, and a soaring flight with the Banshees.


Recently, one nutty local sent his drone flying over the construction site (obviously, against Disney rules), but the images and video footage were quickly removed from the web with a fury. Disney did, however, allow a Cessna pilot to fly overhead and snap some great shots of the new attraction site, for our viewing pleasure (thanks to Camden G and screamscape.com for the pics).


It appears that Disney fans are either elated at the idea of a Pandora experience, or they are incredibly disappointed. All it took was one look at the concept art and I was sold. Other theme park fanatics are less than thrilled with the new expansion, saying it is just not “Disney”. Having lived less than an hour away from Walt Disney World Orlando for my entire 30 years, I understand the “Disney-feel” that some of these die-hards are talking about. Mr. Disney certainly had a vision for his brand and his parks, but that was before most of us were even born! I’m not suggesting that the “Disney-feel” should ever change completely, but serious WDW fans should embrace the evolution of the theme-park world. With all of the technological advances in attractions and all of the new and improved VFX in cinema, Disney is going to have to step it up a notch to keep up with the likes of Universal.


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