Featured Construction Project

Sweet Bay – Storefronts

We were hired by our customer to complete the stucco application on the storefront of a new SweetBay shopping plaza in Lake County, Florida. As you can see, the new facade for this plaza turned out beautifully and this construction project was completed on time and within budget. We take great pride in our ability to bring projects like these to completion to the satisfaction of our customers. To see more of the Products & Services we offer click here.


Scope of Construction Project:

  • Metal Lathe & Stucco Application

What is metal lathe?

A metal lathe or metalworking lathe is a large class of lathes designed for precisely machining relatively hard materials. They were originally designed to machine metals; however, with the advent of plastics and other materials, and with their inherent versatility, they are used in a wide range of applications, and a broad range of materials. In machining jargon, where the larger context is already understood, they are usually simply called lathes, or else referred to by more-specific subtype names (toolroom lathe, turret lathe, etc.). These rigid machine tools remove material from a rotating workpiece via the (typically linear) movements of various cutting tools, such as tool bits and drill bits.

What is stucco?

Stucco or render is a material made of an aggregate, a binder, and water. Stucco is applied wet and hardens to a very dense solid. It is used as decorative coating for walls and ceilings and as a sculptural and artistic material in architecture. Stucco may be used to cover less visually appealing construction materials such as metal, concrete, cinder block, or clay brick and adobe.