Featured Theming Project: “Vegas – Crocus City”

From concept to completion, Treadway Industries, theming contractor, in conjunction with a company in Moscow, Russia brought this monstrous theming project to life. Our team fabricated most of the elements for this project in our Central Florida headquarters. Then we traveled to Moscow to install and finish our work on-site.

Project Scope:


Our team sculpted a life-sized replica of the Prometheus statue located in NYC’s world-famous Rockefeller Center. Once the statue reached Moscow, our artists and installers worked with a local team to complete the gold-leafing and installation of this mammoth creation.


This was another sculpture our team created to replicate the famous Atlas statue located at Rockefeller Center in NYC. The life-sized replica was fabricated here, in our Central Florida location, then finished, assembled and installed on site, in Moscow, Russia.


Fabricated, assembled and painted here in our Central Florida location, this giant globe was installed in the mall’s Vegas-themed center and used in an eye-catching McDonald’s advertisement. This is a great example of Treadway’s theming work in Visual Merchandising.

Themed Facade

Treadway Industries fabricated, painted, finished and installed numerous facade elements to accent the Rockefeller Center themed portion of this massive theming project in Moscow. Some aspects of the themed facade included sculptural elements, faux finishes and architectural elements.