By: Coral Nolan On: July 7, 2014 In: In The Shop


In The Shop…

Happy Monday all! As I’m sure is the case across most of America following the weekend’s festivities, we’re all finding it hard to stay positive about going back to work after celebrating our independence! But, we’ve all got to do it… So here’s a peek at what we’re up to this wonderfully gray day in central Florida:

Crown Molding  – Walgreen’s – Ohio

This is an excellent example of the kind of commercial work we do in the architectural department, here at Treadway. A Walgreen’s store, located in Ohio, needs some crown molding with a faux sandstone finish, to match the texture of the existing store-front. Challenge Accepted!

Also In The Shop today:

Stay tuned for the finished product…Just as soon as our expert sign artisans are done crafting these beauties, we will have some completed shots for you!

 Signage  – River Oaks – Florida