By: Coral Nolan On: January 27, 2015 In: Theme Parks

Universal Studios – Islands of Adventure

Thanks to OrlandoParksNews.com for the awesome info & pics!

For almost two years there have been rumors floating about, pertaining to what some call “Universal Studios’ worst kept secret”. In February of 2013 noticeable construction began on the backlot of Universal’s Islands of Adventure, right next to the Jurassic Park ride. Although there is still speculation as to what this new attraction will be, #Kongstruction proves the general consensus is that it’s going to be a King Kong dark ride. Rumor also has it that there will be both indoor and outdoor aspects of the ride, with 3D and water elements.

According to Screamscape, the ultimate guide to theme parks, which has been chronicling the build since early 2013, this ride is going to be like no other. Much like King Kong 360-3D at the Hollywood park, the ride’s vehicle will be surrounded by a massive 3D screen. However, the newest rumors are taking this bad boy to the next level. Whereas “mostly confirmed” rumors state that there will be a gargantuan animatronic King Kong figure, with fully operational arms, this new rumor suggests that the giant ape will, literally, get hands-on with your attraction car. Like the old Jaws ride, there will be a female tour guide leading your group in a topless jeep to the end of the journey through Skull Island, where King Kong’s arms not only swat at your vehicle, but grab the tour guide and swiftly sweep her away to places unknown. Just saying it out loud makes me feel like a crazy person, but imagine how awesome that would be! Of course, there would have to be some serious safety measures and probably the best animatronics technician in the world, but perhaps we have reached that point in amusement park technology.

Luckily, we won’t have to wait too much longer, as Universal Studios is reportedly making the official announcement sometime early this year. I’m certainly keeping my fingers crossed for the dramatic grab-and-go at the end of the ride. Either way, this could be one of the biggest and most elaborate attractions at our Universal Studios parks.

Check out this video walk-around posted by In The Loop earlier this month.