By: Coral Nolan On: February 13, 2019 In: In The Shop, Projects

At Treadway Industries, blowing stuff up is our specialty, but I’m not talking about explosions. We scale it! Enlarge it! What does it take to produce an 8 foot bottle of Body Wash? A big imagination and an awful lot of elbow grease goes into something of this scale. We worked with our client to determine their needs for an upcoming expo.  Our team delivered on time and within the budget.

There are plenty of other objects we’ve “blown up” in the past, too.Check them out here! 

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The actual bottle! This project falls into our Visual Merchandising category as it will likely be used for marketing at expos and the like.
Comparing the cap size to the average hand; you would need both hands to unscrew it!

Coral is Treadway Industries’ Design & Development Assistant. She is a native Floridian with an ingrained appreciation for theme parks, entertainment, and design. Her hobbies include art, jumping around to local festivals, and spending time with her cat, Bonnie.