Themed Environments

Crocus City

Moscow, Russia

From concept to completion, Treadway Industries worked in conjunction with a company in Moscow, Russia to bring this monstrous theming project to life.

Project Scope:

  • Prometheus

    Our team sculpted a life-sized replica of the Prometheus statue located in NYC’s world-famous Rockefeller Center. Once the statue reached Moscow, our artists and installers worked with a local team to complete the gold-leafing and installation of this mammoth creation.

  • Atlas

    Another sculpture our team created to replicate the famous Atlas statue located at Rockefeller Center in NYC. The life-sized replica was fabricated in our Central Florida location, then finished, assembled and installed on site, in Moscow, Russia.

  • Globe

    Fabricated, assembled and painted in our Central Florida location, this giant globe was installed in the mall’s Vegas-themed center. Also, it was used in an eye-catching McDonald’s advertisement. This is a great example of Treadway’s theming work in Visual Merchandising.

  • Themed Facades

    Treadway Industries fabricated, painted, finished and installed numerous facade elements to accent the Rockefeller Center themed portion of this massive project in Moscow.