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With over 35 years of continual operation, Treadway Industries remains a leader in the innovation and implementation of the best available materials & technologies, products & services. We know that fast, accurate, and affordable custom fabrication is the key to our customer’s success. We offer a multitude of products & services to the construction industry, builders and suppliers. Flexibility, versatility, and creativity are the core foundations that fuel our passion for being

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Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

EPS is one the most frequently used materials in both the theming and architectural shapes industries. This lightweight and highly versatile foam can be cut and shaped into any form, be it a decorative architectural feature, an entryway monument sign, or even a 30 ft tall dinosaur! Its adaptable nature translates into extremely efficient production and minimal lead times. Once coated in our durable polymer – PolyGarde™ – or stucco, EPS provides a strong, weatherproof, cost-effective and attractive alternative to traditional building and sculpture materials.

Polymer Coating System (PolyGarde™)

Treadway’s polymer coatings are specifically engineered to cover all types and densities of foam. Blended from a mixture of polyurethane and polyuria, the coatings are sprayed over our foam products by expert technicians, and once cure, can be finished to create an unlimited variety of textures and shapes. Benefiting from over three decades of experience, Treadway’s unique polymer coating system creates a strong and reliable barrier to protect from impact and weather.

Pre-Coated Foam Shapes

Treadway’s architectural foam division offers designers and architects a vast range of customizable foam shapes to meet their needs. Base coat and mesh can be applied to virtually any architectural shape. Our base coat and mesh system creates a flawless finish that not only reinforces the structural integrity of our products, but also improves the aesthetics of yours

High Density Polyurethane Foam (HDPU)

This high-density polyurethane composite is most commonly used as an effective alternative to woodwork or mill-work. We create quality balustrades, columns, and porch posts, as well as any number of other architectural moldings and elements. Treadway’s HDPU products are designed with the customer in mind. Our architectural features can be easily installed using common woodworking tools and equipment, helping our customers complete their projects as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Precast Concrete

Precast shapes and cladding have been the “go-to” solution for architects and designers who want to bring their concepts to life. Ideal for applications that demand strength, durability, and resistance to damage, precast products such as panels, sills, copings, and landscapes elements create dramatic environments that stand the test of time. Whatever your designed requires, Treadway will strive to recreate any number of finishes, textures, shapes, and colors to realize your creative vision.

Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP)

FRP is ideally suited to decorative, highly detailed applications, as it allows architects and designers to fabricate parts that would be impossible to create if using traditional materials. Treadway FRP products will not rust, rot or erode, and can be covered with weather and UV resistant gel-coats for additional protection from deterioration. Products manufactured from FRP require little to no maintenance, making them the product of choice for both high traffic (subject to wear and tear) and hard to reach (inaccessible) applications.

Glass-Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC)

GFRC is a cement-based composite that is reinforced with glass fiber, making it incredibly strong and lightweight. This material’s unique characteristics make it ideal for exterior cladding and decorative building facades. Its applications include both new and old builds, as GFRC is often installed directly over existing cladding in the restoration and renovation of historical buildings. Treadway’s GFRC products are finished in a variety of different textured and colors to match your needs, saving you the time and money associated with paint and maintenance. All of the strength and durability of traditional concrete cladding, but 80% lighter.

Glass-Fiber Reinforced Gypsum (GFRG)

Molded with CNC technologies, our GFRG parts are manufactured to your exact specifications to guarantee accuracy and satisfaction. Used extensively for interior architectural projects, GFRG products are non-combustible and meet all interior safety and fire code regulations. We are able to fabricate custom molds and pieces for your unique needs, but we also have a number of standard molds in stock, allowing us to expedite production for quick turnaround when required. Treadway has worked with designers and architects for over 35 years to create both modern, organics shapes, as well as traditional architectural features.

CNC Capabilities

Computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine tools allow us to create extremely precise products in a highly automated and efficient way. We use hot-wire foam cutters alongside 3-axis and 5-axis routers to create highly detailed 3D shapes and features from a variety of materials that make our products and your projects stand out from the pack! Whether you need decorative architectural relief panels or an exact replica of a famous sculpture, we have the capabilities to bring your most complex designs to life.